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Standard 7 Benchmark Guidelines

Standard 7:  An excellent Catholic school has a clearly articulated, rigorous curriculum aligned with relevant standards, 21st century skills, and Gospel values, implemented through effective instruction.

Benchmark 7.1  The curriculum adheres to appropriate, delineated standards, and is vertically aligned to ensure that every student successfully completes a rigorous and coherent sequence of academic courses based on the standards and rooted in Catholic values.  Download Benchmark Guideline 7.1

Benchmark 7.2  Standards are adopted across the curriculum, and include integration of the religious, spiritual, moral, and ethical dimensions of learning in all subjects.  Download Benchmark Guidline 7.2

Benchmark 7.3  Curriculum and instruction for 21st century learning provide students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to become creative, reflective, literate, critical, and moral evaluators, problem solvers, decision makers, and socially responsible global citizens.  Download Benchmark Guideline 7.3

Benchmark 7.4  Curriculum and instruction for 21st century learning prepares students to become expert users of technology, able to create, publish, and critique digital products that reflect their understanding of the content and their technological skills.  Download Benchmark Guideline 7.4

Benchmark 7.5  Classroom instruction is designed to intentionally address the affective dimensions of learning, such as intellectual and social dispositions, relationship building, and habits of mind.  Download Benchmark Guideline 7.5

Benchmark 7.6  Classroom instruction is designed to engage and motivate all students, addressing the diverse needs and capabilities of each student, and accommodating students with special needs as fully as possible.  Download Benchmark Guideline 7.6

Benchmark 7.7  Faculty collaborate in professional learning communities to develop, implement and continuously improve the effectiveness of the curriculum and instruction to result in high levels of student achievement.  Download Benchmark Guideline 7.7

Benchmark 7.8  The faculty and professional support staff meet (arch) diocesan, state, and/or national requirements for academic preparation and licensing to ensure their capacity to provide effective curriculum and instruction.  Download Benchmark Guidline 7.8

Benchmark 7.9  Faculty and professional support staff demonstrate and continuously improve knowledge and skills necessary for effective instruction, cultural sensitivity, and modeling of Gospel values.  Download Benchmark Guidline 7.9

Benchmark 7.10  Faculty and staff engage in high quality professional development, including religious formation, and are accountable for implementation that supports student learning.  Download Benchmark Guideline 7.10

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