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Standard 4 Benchmark Guidelines

Standard 4: An excellent Catholic school adhering to mission provides opportunities for adult faith formation and action in service of social justice.

Benchmark 4.1  The leader/leadership team provides retreats and other spiritual experiences for the faculty and staff on a regular and timely basis.  Download Benchmark Guideline 4.1

Benchmark 4.2  The leader/leadership team and faculty assist parents/ guardians in their role as the primary educators of their children in faith.  Download Benchmark Guideline 4.2

Benchmark 4.3  The leader/leadership team collaborates with other institutions (for example, Catholic Charities, Catholic higher education, religious congregation-sponsored programs) to provide opportunities for parents/ guardians to grow in the knowledge and practice of the faith.  Download Benchmark Guideline 4.3

Benchmark 4.4  All adults in the school community are invited to participate in Christian service programs to promote the lived reality of action in service of social justice.  Download Benchmark Guideline 4.4

Benchmark 4.5  Every administrator, faculty, and staff member visibly supports the faith life of the school community.  Download Benchmark Guideline 4.5

Download All Benchmark Guidelines for Standard 4