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Standard 3 Benchmark Guidelines

Standard 3: An excellent Catholic school adhering to mission provides opportunities outside the classroom for student faith formation, participation in liturgical and communal prayer, and action in service of social justice.

Benchmark 3.1  Every student is offered timely and regular opportunities to learn about and experience the nature and importance of prayer, the Eucharist, and liturgy.  Download Benchmark Guideline 3.1

Benchmark 3.2  Every student is offered timely, regular, and age appropriate opportunities to reflect on their life experiences and faith through retreats and other spiritual experiences.  Download Benchmark Guideline 3.2

Benchmark 3.3  Every student participates in Christian service programs to promote the lived reality of action in service of social justice.  Download Benchmark Guideline 3.3

Benchmark 3.4  Every student experiences role models of faith and service for social justice among the administrators, faculty and staff.  Download Benchmark Guideline 3.4

Download All Benchmark Guidelines for Standard 3