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Standard 1 Benchmark Guidelines

Standard 1:  An excellent Catholic school is guided and driven by a clearly communicated mission that embraces a Catholic Identity rooted in Gospel values, centered on the Eucharist, and committed to faith formation, academic excellence and service.

Benchmark 1.1  The governing body and the leader/leadership team ensure that the mission statement includes the commitment to Catholic identity.  Download Benchmark Guideline 1.1

Benchmark 1.2  The governing body and the leader/leadership team use the mission statement as the foundation and normative reference for all planning.  Download Benchmark Guideline 1.2

Benchmark 1.3  The school leader/leadership team regularly calls together the school’s various constituencies (including but not limited to faculty and staff, parents, students, alumni(ae) to clarify, review and renew the school’s mission statement.  Download Benchmark Guideline 1.3

Benchmark 1.4  The mission statement is visible in public places and contained in official documents.  Download Benchmark Guideline 1.4

Benchmark 1.5  All constituents know and understand the mission.  Download Benchmark Guideline 1.5

Download All Benchmark Guidelines for Standard 1