Glossary of Key Terms

The Glossary of Terms gives school review teams easy access to definitions of key terms and concepts in the standards, benchmarks, and rubrics.  The Glossary helps ensure that all stakeholders are sharing a common understanding to keep interpretations, discussions, and action plans clear.

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Institutional Advancement
These are activities that attract resources to the school and enable the school to move forward in fulfilling its mission and in realizing its full potential to serve and educate its students and improve the progression of the school. (See Advancement as well.)
Integration Of Catholic Identity Elements
In terms of curriculum and instruction, Catholic identity elements refer to anything that intentionally cultivates student interest and engagement in discussing and deepening understanding and insight regarding Catholic values, beliefs, teachings, and traditions as these authentically relate to the subject matter. (Such as content, essential questions, enduring understandings, teaching and learning activities and experiences, assessments, texts, resources, learning environment). When integrating Catholic identity elements into curriculum and instruction, teachers help students relate standards-based learning in a given subject to the perspective of faith and a Catholic worldview.
Knowledge and skills used in a real-world context across disciplines

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