Glossary of Key Terms

The Glossary of Terms gives school review teams easy access to definitions of key terms and concepts in the standards, benchmarks, and rubrics.  The Glossary helps ensure that all stakeholders are sharing a common understanding to keep interpretations, discussions, and action plans clear.

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Faculty Performance

Measure of a teacher's effectiveness in the classroom based on predetermined, shared criteria.

Faculty/Staff Assessment
In this usage of the term it refers to evaluation of faculty members/teachers and staff members. The assessment process has several critical elements that include goal setting and agreed upon formative and summative processes. Typically, these processes will include formal observations and summative evaluation.
Financial Package
Financial package is the total amount of financial aid offered to a student by all sources. Often it is composed of funds from one or more of the following sources: tuition assistance from the school, scholarships and grants (from multiple sources including the school), loans, and sponsorships.
Financial Plan
In general a financial plan is a series of steps and/or defined strategies aligned with mission defined goals used by school leadership, which are designed to accomplish a financial goal or set of conditions, e.g. balanced budget, elimination of debt, retirement preparedness, etc
For Profit Business
A for-profit company is an entity that is intended to operate as a business which will return a profit to the owners. A for-profit corporation, depending on the jurisdiction to which it is incorporated, may be operated either as a stock corporation or as a non-stock corporation. For profit organizations pay taxes.
Formative Assessment
demonstrated learning by the student ; the instructional process that provides on-going, growth-producing feedback that informs and supports improved learning and adjusted teaching

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