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Term Definition
Backward Designed Curriculum

Curriculum that is developed by (1) starting with the end in mind (desired learning outcomes), (2) creating valid ways for students to demonstrate the desired learning (assessments), and (3) designing instruction to coach students to perform well on the assessments (learning experiences and instructional strategies).

Behavior Management Program

A systematic, agreed upon approach that the entire school uses to support positive and constructive student participation and engagement in the learning environment and school community.


An abbreviation of the term web log. A series of online postings focusing on a single subject and open to multiple users. Usually a blog proceeds in reverse chronological order with the most recent posting immediately visible.

Budget X

A budget (Catholic school) is a quantitative expression of a mission focused plan for a defined period of time. It represents incoming and outgoing funds. It includes all sources of income and expenses, enrollment and revenues, resources, costs, expenses, assets, liabilities and cash flows. Also it includes planned tuition assistance. Often it may express strategic plan activities or events.